All-in-one RHAAP Installation

You can create the automation controller and automation hub instances, install Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform and configure it in one single playbook run. Just use the rhaap-install.yml playbook and it will take care of the entire provisioning process. If you stored your variables in a file called variables/main.yml and your Ansible Vault in variables/vault.yml, you can use the following command:

# if you're a Red Hat employee, log into to be able to download the latest version of the execution environment
podman login
# run the playbook with ansible-navigator
ansible-navigator run rhaap-install.yml -e @variables/main.yml -e @variables/vault.yml

There is a default ansible-navigator.yml configuration file which will download the latest version of the Ansible SSA execution environment.

Make sure to configure the variables and environment for your provider, before running the playbook.