The playbooks in this repository can be used to create, install and configure a Red Hat Satellite Server.

These playbook are using roles and Ansible collections, which are automatically installed if used with Ansible Tower. For manual installation use:

ansible-galaxy collections install -r collections/requirements.yml
ansible-galaxy install -r roles/requirements.yml

Add -f to force installation of the latest version of the collections and the roles.

Create instance

Create a new Virtual Machine or Cloud Instance to install Red Hat Satellite.

ansible-playbook satellite-instance.yml


To be able to install the Satellite Server and to synchronize channels, the Satellite Server has to be registered.

ansible-playbook satellite-register.yml


Install the Satellite Server.

ansible-playbook satellite-setup.yml


Configure Satellite content and synchronize RHEL channels.

ansible-playbook satellite-content.yml

Use the following booleans to enable additional content:

  • satellite_sync_rhel7: will synchronize RHEL 7 base channels, create a content view and a RHEL7 activation key

  • satellite_sync_rhel8: will synchronize RHEL 8 Base OS and Appstream, create a content view and a RHEL8 activation key