CI Pipeline

To increase code quality of the playbooks, roles and modules, the project is using an extensive CI pipeline for automated testing. In a nutshell we do the following tests:

  • run ansible-lint on each playbook, role and the collection

  • build the Ansible SSA Collection

  • build the execution environment

  • publish the execution environment on Quay (access to this repository requires a Red Hat Employee account)

  • run a job on automation controller which deploys AAP on AWS, Azure and Google

  • notify all relevant activities on Zulip

  • update the pages documentation which is automatically published on Ansible SSA Labs website

GitLab CI pipeline

Each repository has a CI pipeline to triggers the following chain.

graph LR; subgraph GitLab role-instance(role-instance) --> collection_general(ansible_ssa.general) collection_general --> ee(ee-ansible-ssa) role-controller-content( role-controller-content ) --> collection_general role-controller-setup( role-controller-setup ) --> collection_general role-automationhub-content( role-automationhub-content ) --> collection_general role-automationhub-setup( role-automationhub-setup ) --> collection_general playbook-rhaap( playbook-rhaap ) --> collection_general role-win_* --> collection_windows( collection_windows --> ee end subgraph CI AAP aap-ci( AAP CI Workflow ) --> ci-aws( CI AWS ) aap-ci --> ci-azure( CI Azure ) aap-ci --> ci-gcp( CI GCP ) end subgraph Documentation role-instance --> pages(Pages Documentation Project) collection_general --> pages collection_windows --> pages role-controller-content --> pages role-controller-setup --> pages role-automationhub-content --> pages role-automationhub-setup --> pages playbook-rhaap --> pages end ee --> aap-ci


There is an installation of Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform which is called to launch a CI workflow. The Workflow will run the playbook-rhaap on AWS, Azure and Google Cloud in parallel. After each playbook-rhaap.yml run, the cloud resources will be removed by launching the playbook with the remove=true extra variable.