Playbook Windows

This repository provides a number of Playbooks to run routine tasks on Windows. There are respective Job Templates on Red Hat Ansible Automation Platform, if you use the playbook-rhaap project. More Details can also be found on the Ansible Labs project page.

Deploy Server

Run the windows-server.yml playbook to create a new Windows Server instance.

Retrieve Password

To be able to run subsequent tasks, you need the Windows Password. On EC2 the windows-password.yml playbook can be used. The playbook requires the private SSH key in PEM format.

  "ec2_key_pair": "-----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- removed data -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----"

You can use the following command to convert your SSH private key to PEM format:

NOTE: This will override the given file! Make a copy first!

ssh-keygen -f id_rsa -m pem -p

Install base packages

This will install some basic Windows packages by using Chocolatey on the server.